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Ready to sell online? Now is the time to register a suitable domain name. There are many options regarding domain name registration. Where do you buy? How long should you reserve the domain? What domain extension should you buy?

During the .com frenzy, domains were purchased at unprecedented rates. Since the shift from boom to gloom, domain name speculation has curbed and once registered domains are flooding back into the online market.

What if your name has already been registered? There are many solution to registering a domain name if your first choice is already taken!

First, you can go to and offer to buy the domain from the owner. If the asking price is so high or they are unwilling to sell (and you have your heart set on a certain name), there are always alternative extensions available like .net, .biz, and .us (make sure you are not infringing on copyright or trademark before registering!)

If all extensions are taken other options include hyphenating words or phrases and adding extra characters or letters. From a promotion stand point it is probably best to simply stick with (if it is available).

Once you select a domain name, stick with it. Sticking with makes better and successful business ventures.

There are several non-traditional approaches to choosing a name for your business when your first choice is already taken. Choosing made up words has worked wonders for companies like Google and Yahoo. Bunching words together is another option when choosing a domain name. Many e-commerce companies have been successful with these techniques.

Once you have chosen a domain name that is catchy, professional and memorable - register it! Network Solutions used to be the only registrar on the Internet, but now, many companies offer registering solutions. We recommend registering it right here at

When choosing a domain registrar, consider price and ease of use. NetworksIP Domain Registration offers great prices as well as a family of e-commerce services to help you with every segment of your e-business venture. So go ahead! Choose a domain name, and register it at a low price. Domain name registration is that easy!



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